lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

IMF 2007 - Presentaciones Disponibles

Se encuentran disponibles las presentaciones de la IMF 2007 - International Conference on IT-Incident Management & IT-Forensics que tuvo lugar en Stuttgart, Alemania.

La IMF 2007 presento las siguientes sesiones:

  • Key Note About the Role of IT Security in The Information Society
  • A Common Process Model for Incident Response and Computer Forensics
  • IT Incident Management and Structured Documentation
  • Proposal Of A System For Computer-Based Case And Evidence Management
  • Information-Sharing System for Vulnerability Information Dissemination in Large-Scale Organization
  • IT based crime: Evidence Collection & Legal Restrictions in Investigation Cases
  • A Case Study on Constructing a Security Event Management System
  • Taxonomy of Anti-Computer Forensics Threats
  • Testing Forensic Hash Tools onSparse Files
  • Towards Reliable Rootkit Detection in Live Response
  • The Security Landscape in a Converged IP World
  • WS 1 “Computer Forensics: High-tech tools for a high-tech problem”
  • WS 2 "Octave - Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability EvaluationSM"
  • WS 3 "Memory Analysis on the Microsoft Windows Platform"
  • WS 4 "Workshop on X.805 Security architecture for systems providing end-to-end communications"
  • WS 5 "Virtualisation of forensic Images"

Tambien les dejo un documento llamado "Windows Memory Analysis Cheat Sheet" que sumariza los comandos y herramientas utilizados por Osterberg y Schuster para su Work Shop de analisis de memoria llamado "Memory Analysis on the Microsoft Windows Platform".

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